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Art Supervisor for Characters - Homefront

Credits Summary: On the content side, as the Character Art Supervisor I mainly edited textures, materials, UVs, and config files (for generating modular characters). All modeling and sculpting tasks were handled by our in-house team and outsource partners.

Specs: The average polycount for LOD0 on the non-hero characters was around 5,500 tris. Most characters had around 4 LODs total. The texture sizes varied but one example would be that the MP US team shared 2 1k sets and so did the NK MP team (total of 8 characters). Another example would be the civilians who usually had a separate 512 for the head, legs, and torso.

Credits (models, textures, rigs, materials):

Full time character artists - Larry Leung
Part time character artists - Mashru Mishu, Mike Wasilewski
Contract character artists (most hired near end of project) - Tony Jung (lead), Ryan Tottle, Jesse Blake, Thaddeus Maharaj, Joseph Yang, Greg Strangis
Character Rigging/Face FX/Tools - Zhi Chen, Rick Fronek, Jin Lin Chin, Andrew Grant
Shader support - Gavin Lerner, Matt Vitalone, Cliff Brett
Outsourcing support - Winking, Art Bully Productions

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