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Art Supervisor for Vehicles - Homefront

Credits Summary: For the Homefront vehicles I didn't get a chance to work much on the individual art assets except for the Goliath, 1P AH700 Scout helicopter, US tank over-armor system and destruction visual targets. I also worked on some custom mips after implementing a plan to help boost our texture quality on the consoles. My supervising responsibilities involved a few in-house artists and our outsourcing vendors, Art Bully Productions and Winking in Shanghai.

Vehicle Art Team = Mike Wasilewski (main models/textures/rigs), Matt Vitalone, Gavin Lerner, Fred Hooper, Javier Ojeda (tech art/FX), Winking and Art Bully Productions (outsource vendors), Mashru Mishu and Alan Van Ryzin (HP modeling/texturing), Jay Kapadia (HP modeling assist)

Specs: The vehicles weighed in at around 7k-13k tris depending on the class and this included all of the built in destruction and over-armor panels. Every model relied on a HiPoly bake and utilized at least one 1024 texture set (diffuse, spec, normal) except for the jeeps and drones which had less. There was a common destruction sheet used across all vehicles. The PC version did not include core vehicle textures higher than the console.

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