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Fantasy Environment (UDK)

Summary: This environment was created as a tribute to 3rd person action adventure games such as God of War, Gears of War, and Uncharted. I also wanted to challenge myself by attempting something a bit more stylized and grander in scale than I was used to in addition to tackling a genre outside of my comfort zone. All of the content as well as the concept were created by me within roughly one month. ( used as source for certain diffuse base maps but most were heavily modified)

Primary Software used: Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop, Xnormal, Topogun, Ndo2, Crazybump, Marmoset Toolbag

• All images shown on this page were derived from real time engines (either UDK, marmoset, or mudbox). There are NO software renders shown.
• The majority of the statics have extra tessellation for vertex color painting purposes. Their vert counts come from the UDK after import.
• The texture sheets shown are darker and have more lighting info baked compared to what I used during my lightmass bakes

-- Polycounts, texture sizes, and level stats listed further down page --

-----Click images for larger versions-----

Realtime flythrough videos (fraps):

More footage - click here

Level stats:

• Triangle count for widest view = under 1.5 million (no LODs used)
• Static actors placed in level = under 360
• Static mesh total memory = under 9 mb
• Mesh draw calls = under 775 (most meshes use 1 mat)
• Lightmap texture memory = under 9.5 mb

Example of object density in a given area:

NormalMap isolated lighting vs default lighting:

Individual assets:

Parent Material example (used for majority of the statics):

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