Brian Burrell

Los Angeles area

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Goals: To work as a Senior Artist or Art Lead/Supervisor at a premier studio utilizing my skills and experience in conceptualization, modeling (low/hiPoly), texturing, leadership, problem solving and pipeline creation related to hard surface assets such as vehicles, weapons, and environmental statics.


Summary: I have outstanding communication skills combined with an intense work ethic that constantly pushes me to improve as an artist and leader.  When it comes to problem solving I'm particularly passionate in finding more efficient ways to squeeze out higher quality art through less memory usage.  Whether it's mentoring a group of artists, creating visual benchmarks or final polish, writing tutorials or job sheets, establishing art pipelines or sharing workflow tools, I'm excited to contribute to the team and project as much as possible.   Last but not least, I fully understand the challenges generated by large projects and tight budgets/deadlines and consider myself 100 percent dependable, even in the toughest of circumstances. 


Software specialties:

-     Maya (modeling, texturing, rigging, MEL scripting)

-      3DS Max (limited)

-      Photoshop (texturing, painting)

-      Zbrush/Mudbox (sculpting, texturing)

-      Misc:  Quixel Suite, xNormal, Ndo2, Topogun, After Effects, Premiere

-      Engine experience:  Unreal3, Refractor 1 and 2 (Battlefield), Half-life


Shipped Titles: *Titanfall (XB1,PC), Homefront (360, PS3, PC), Frontlines Fuel of War (360,PC), *Battlefield 2 (PC), *joined late in development


Professional Experience:

Oct 2013 - Present: RespawnSr. 3d Artist ( Titanfall franchise )

Sept 2012 - Oct 2013: SledgehammerSr. Vehicle and Weapon Artist ( COD: Advanced Warfare )

June 2011 - Aug 2012Freelance/portfolio overhaul


March 2011 - June 2011: Kaos Studios/THQ - Sr. Artist for DLC maps(Homefront)

· Supported environment art team with modeling, texturing, material editing and gameplay testing.


August 2008 - March 2011: Kaos Studios/THQ - Vehicle, Weapon, and Character Art Supervisor (Homefront)


Primary responsibilities included:

· Established pipeline and worked with engineering and other art leads to set budgets.

Pipeline consisted of strict naming conventions and folder organization that allowed for smooth workflow between mastered content and raw files.

· Provided daily feedback and guidance to internal art team as well as documentation and job sheets for the external team in China.

· Worked with AD and concept team to set visual goals.  Relied heavily on 3d prototyping.

· Introduced custom mipmap editing supported by Photoshop actions to improve quality and visual pop of assets on console based on camera distance.


Specific accomplishments:

· Maintained tight memory budgets for all 3 groups throughout the project.

· Proposed advanced vehicle destruction system that shipped with MP.

· Pushed hard for the re-design of the NK 718 soldiers who ended up being favored and used heavily by the marketing dept. to promote the game.

· Created a modular plan and wrote extensive documentation to support a large variety of SP civilians using limited budgets, resources and time.

· Implemented a tight 1P weapon dev process that encouraged strong collaboration between animation, art and design in order to best utilize our tight memory budget.

· Helped drive a robust camo and attachment system for 1P weapons to simulate more variety at a cheap cost.


July 2005 - July 2008: Kaos Studios/THQ - Vehicle Art Supervisor (Frontlines: Fuel of War)

· Created pipeline and worked with AD and concept artist to help refine the designs in 3d for a roster of roughly 20 futuristic vehicles within a modified Unreal 3 engine.

· Modeled, rigged, animated and UVed most of the vehicles (also textured a few jets).  Personally photographed several vehicles for  texture reference and visual guidance.


April 2004 - April 2005: DICE NY - Senior Artist

· Created models and textures (vehicles to environments) for unannounced FPS title utilizing BF2 engine.

· Built prototype assets and environment assets for Battlefield 2 (PC).


Nov. 2003 - April 2004: Trauma Studios - Artist  

· Volunteered for a mod of Battlefield 1942 called Desert Combat which eventually lead to joining TS officially.

· Served as the lead vehicle artist and also contributed to game balance and other small projects.



1998-2001 Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Central Florida - specialized in Computer Animation.

-     Additional focus areas: figure drawing, painting, and cel animation.


References:  available upon request