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Art Supervisor for Weapons - Homefront

Credits Summary: During the polish stages I made a pass on over 75% of the 1P diffuse maps as well as rebuilt every 1P spec map and material due to a late shader revamp by our tech artists. I also created and tweaked the majority of the camo textures and materials. On the design side, I helped prototype the humanization pass and attachment pieces for several weapons. For a few weapons I modeled (low/hi), UVed and textured certain attachment and accessory pieces in order to hit polish goals.

Weapon Art Team = Jay Kapadia (core modeling), Alan Van Ryzin (core texturing/model assist - not inhouse), Sasha Hushvahtov (all 1P animation), Gavin Lerner and Cliff Brett (tech art), Larry Leung (1P arms)

---- Polycounts and extra notes further down the page ----

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Sample 1P weapon footage


1P weapons averaged 3,500-4k tris each (includes ironsight)
Most models were baked down from a HiPoly source
Scope attachments averaged 900 tris each, fully assembled (shared core parts to reduce memory)


On average, 1024x512 set per weapon (diffuse, spec, normal)
Gloss map and AO packed into R and B channels of spec texture
Shared a common accessories sheet (tape, para-cord, etc.)
Scopes averaged one 1K set per class (3 classes)

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