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Futuristic Russian Attack Helicopter (Mi-27R)

Summary: I've always loved the design of the Russian Mi-24 Hind gunship helicopter ever since I was a kid. I decided to create my interpretation of what a futuristic version might look like but with less emphasis on troop transport. My main design goals were to give it a sleek yet aggressive and animalistic presence. I also wanted the vehicle to look very worn down as if it were past its prime in active duty. In order to achieve more realism in regards to the weathering and paneling details, I studied dozens of hi-res aircraft photos that I took during my visits to fleet week in NYC.

Primary Software used: Maya for modeling and Mudbox for cleanup and 95% of the detail work (sculpted). Photoshop and Mudbox were used in unison for the textures. The AO maps were generated in Xnormal. Ndo2 and Crazybump were used for additional normalmap details. ** note ** Some of the sculpt work is a bit soft up close but since the main intention was to bake down to game-res, that shouldn't be an issue in-game.

-- Specs listed further down page --

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Specs: Because the target platform for this vehicle was next generation consoles (post PS3/360), I created it with fairly high specs.

Polycount: roughly 35k triangles and that includes all weapons and moving parts (a lot of those could be instanced on console).
Textures: 2048x2048 set, 512x512 set , 2x 256x256 (glass) --> "Set" = diffuse, color spec, gloss, tangent normalmap

The mental ray hi-res renders near the top of this page are using double the texture res listed above but everything else is "game res".

For more details on the making of this helicopter please visit the TUTORIAL page HERE

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